Future Something Future is a series of children's chapter books that chronicle the lives of an extended family and their misadventures in a future where horses fly, travel is primarily done by telepad, and everyone knows that the best ice cream is made on the moon!

Muhahahahaha, these pint size overlords along with an army of tiny robots are on their way to total planet domination; at least that’s the intention.

Before we get into that up to no good, totally awesome plan, Anson and Riggin must go gallivanting around the country with Riggins sister Faith as she works to procure the means for her own impish project.

Mischief it would seem, runs in this family. And what, you may ask do these three have at their disposal, to accomplish such feats? How about flying horses, space cars, telepad travel, virtual rooms, anti-gravity bubbles and endless imagination of course. But hey! That’s what happens when scifi goes country!

Unauthorized Access is the first book in the Future Something Future Series.

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