Pumpkin Stencils
* You can use these stencils to simple trace the picture onto your pumpkin using paint or markers for a beautiful and unique Future Something Future pumpkin. If you want to use the stencils to make your own Future Something Future Jack o Lantern, then be sure to ask an adult in charge for assistance/permission when using some of the required tools and before lighting any candles! *

Tips and Instructions:

  1. 1. Choose your favorite Free print out Future Something Future Jack o’ Lantern stencil
  2. 2. Cut away excess paper and tape it onto a clean and dry pumpkin*
  3. 3. Using a push pin, poke holes all around the outline of the stencil being sure to only scrap the gray area’s and not to cut those out, like the flames on Charlie the Horse’s Rocket Boots.
  4. 4. Remove stencil and rub holes with a colored chalk or even cornstarch to more easily see the outline
  5. 5. With adult permission/assistance cut along outline and remove cut out pumpkin pieces.
  6. 6. Add lighting source such as a flashlight, glow stick, or flameless candle.
horse rocket boots pumpkin
robot pumpkin
fat cat pumpkin
Enjoy the fall with your own free Future Something Future jack-o-lantern stencils. Print out the free stencils here:
*****You can save your seeds in a paper towel to plant in your garden next year. You can also roast them for a tasty snack. Check out the recipe for Anson’s Pumpkin Pie Spice Pumpkin Seeds.
Watch this video to help you make your own Future Something Future Jack o’ lanterns: